A major industrial innovation – Precontraint® Technology – was at the origin of the Ferrari Group in 1973. It was a technological leap forward that enabled this brand new company to swiftly make its mark in the field of composite textile membranes. Since those beginnings the Ferrari Group has never ceased to develop and grow into today’s market leader. Ferrari’s rapid development is due to an ability to anticipate and innovate across the spectrum do its activities – in terms of human and social resources, technology, sales, marketing and the environment. The Ferrari Group controls all the skills that make up the production chain, generating an annual turnover of 130 million Euros.

The Ferrari Group was the first European weaver and fabric-coating specialist to obtain international ISO 9002 quality assurance certification in 1991, followed by ISO 9001 in 2003.

A step ahead of legislation, the Group developed a system for processing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). The Group has multiplied initiatives in this field, as witnessed by the interest in whole life cycles of buildings.

Over the past five years Ferrari has carried out an inventory of fixed and mobile buildings, in order to assess them in terms of resistance, longevity and safety. This assessment shows life-spans of well over 20 years, very favorable environmental behavior, and long-lasting fire resistance rating.